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1++ Hanwoo striploin (220g-250g)

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Hanwoo has high marbling, also texture tendert, it has a perfect balance, relatively not having a mouth of greasy feeling. Handwoo Striploin 1++ has a strong meat flavor and Striploin texture is a bit chewy than ribeye. Hanwoo grading is divided into 1 ++, 1 +, 1,2,3. 1 + + is the highest and it has been comapred to Japan A5 level cattle.

Korean cattle (Hanwoo), for the first time import to Hong Kong, It has been treated as a national treasure in the past, so the supply was controlled and never benn exported. Hong Kong is luckly enough to become one of the first countries to import Hanwoo, due to our desire and high standards for quality when it comes to food!

Suggested Cooking Method: Roast, Grill, Barbecue

  • Country of Origin - Korea
  • Packing Spec - 220g - 250g
  • Storage Method - Frozen (-18°C)




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