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Agar Agar (20g)

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A gelling agent that is derived from seaweed, making it a great de facto replacement for meat-based gelatine, and ideal for vegetarians. It’s also a traditional ingredient in gelled sweets from Japan and Southeast Asia Typical use involves adding agar to a cool liquid and then bringing it to a boil. The gel sets when the liquid cools to around 95%F.

A wonderful property of agar is that it remains set until the reheated liquid reaches 185F, meaning you can have fun serving a gelatine that is still gently steaming. Only a small amount of agar is needed; 0.5 percent by weight of agar for a firm gel (that is one half of one percent).

Agar can replace eggs in sauces, pudding, and custard dishes. It will not replace the flavour of eggs, but the molecular binding properties work to create an item of the same consistency, which is very important for vegan bakery products. 

  • Country of Origin - France
  • Packing Spec - 20g
  • Storage Method – Dry and cool place



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