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Black Goji Berry (100g)

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Black wolfberry also contains 17 amino acids and 13 different tracers, including calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron.

Rich in vitamin A, B, C, E.

Black wolfberry thus promotes your health more than the more common red goji berries or blueberries. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine has black wolfberry very good effect against high cholesterol, postmenopausal symptoms and menstrual disorders. They can also be used to advantage against anaemia, yersel, skin and eye problems, impotence, renal problems, heart, liver and lungs.

How to eat black wolfberry
  1. Chew: easy and convenient, it tastes slightly fragrant and sweet. Sometimes it will color your tongue, and some fruits may be a little hard.
  2. Make tea: Make black wolfberry tea with cold or warm water(warm water must be less than 60?), as hot water is likely to dissolve anthocyanins, and bee can be added to your taste
  3. Make porridge or soup, etc., simply add the black wolfberry after the water is boiled, eat it after cooking, however, nutrition will be loss due to high heat.
  • Country of Origin - Hong Kong
  • Packing Spec - 100g
  • Storage Method – Dry and cool place



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