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Black Seasame Powder (200g)

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Black sesame pharmacological effect:
According to Chinese medicine, kidney, ranking first among the five internal organs. The main growth, development and reproduction of Tibetan mastiff affect the functions of the heart, liver, spleen and stomach. Black sesame has the following pharmacological effects:

  1. Hair care and skin care: the melanin in black sesame is a natural functional pigment with high nutritional food value. It can prevent and cure hair loss and whitening, increase skin elasticity, promote blood circulation in the skin and play the role of hair and skin. 
  2. Prevent iron deficiency anaemia: black sesame is rich in organic iron, which is one time more than pork liver and six times more than egg yolk. 
  3. Calcium to strengthen bone: regular food is beneficial to the development and prevention of bones and teeth because of its high calcium content. 
  4. Strong kidney filling essence: regular good can prevent brain cell degeneration and enhance memory, because it contains important element to increase brain nutrition. 
  5. Effective hypolipidemic: can prevent coronary artery disease
  6. Laxative: It can be used for intestinal constipation caused by old blood deficiency. 

Black sesame which is the raw material of this product has been steamed and grounded into powder.

  • Country of Origin - Hong Kong
  • Packing Spec - 200g
  • Storage Method – Dry and cool place



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