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Devil Chili Oil - Extra Hot (170g)

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The Indian Devil's Pepper originated from northeastern India. Compared with regular chilli pepper, its level of spiciness is about 20 times more. 20% of Nicole's Kitchen Devil Chili oil uses this chilli pepper, then it's mixed with dried chilli pepper, stir-fried garlic, dried onion, and white sesame.

Finally, cooking all the ingredients with a slow fire to bring its spicy flavour to the fullest.

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Garlic, Shallot, Dried Chili, White Sesame & Salt.

Caution: This product contains soybean and cereals containing gluten.

  • Country of Origin - Hong Kong
  • Packing Spec - 170g
  • Storage Method - Dry and cool place, refrigerate at 0-4 °C after opening



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