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Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu Ribeye A5 1/2" cut (approx. 250g)

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Japan Kagoshima cattle is the best among Japanese Wagyu, which A5 grade the highest grade andribeye marbling distribution is as snow-like. Thaw it at 2 ° C.
Wagyu refers to the Japanese unique black beef cattle breeds, Grow up originating in the picturesque, beautiful environment of Japan's Kansai Hyogo Prefecture in the Tama area. Here the mountains are also rich in a variety of herbs, many grazing pastures, green grass are mixed with the growth of other healthy herbs, "cattle" slowly grow up in this environment by eating herbs, drinking nutritous mineral water. Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye, high quality and the beef body was bright red, Marbling are evenly distribute in the steak.

  • Country of Origin - Japan
  • Packing Spec - Approx. 250g
  • Storage Method - Frozen (-18°C)



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