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Jeju Pork Collar Boneless (approx. 200g / 2pcs)

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Jeju Island surrounded by the sea, a mild climate, the production of food quality is very good, especially economic
State pig. All Jeju pigs on the island are naturally stocked in natural, non-polluting environments
Feeding costs are high, so the output is very small, very expansive. "We will not use drugs for Jeju pigs, and we need more time to feed Jeju pigs than Jeju pigs, so Jeju pigs are more expensive and quality than general pigs, and farmers will still feed with citrus and corn they,
And insist on not mention the birth of raw materials, so there is no general pork smell of urine, do not worry
Pork contains excess hormones. Jeju pigs are all about six months to bring slaughter, but also because of the natural growth relationship, the meat is very tender and smooth. "Jeju Pork" collar boneless meat is a evenly distribute of meat and fat.

  • Country of Origin - South Korea
  • Packing Spec - Approx. 200g / 2pcs
  • Storage Method - Frozen (-18°C)



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