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*Deposit* USDA Prime Chilled Ribeye (Whole Slab) / *訂金* 原條美國頂級肉眼

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  • $900.00
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Whole Slab Special Price - $690 / Kg * 30% off

  • Country of Origin - USA
  • Packing Spec - Approx. 6kg - 8kg
  • Storage Method - Keep refrigerated at least 4C

** This is a Pre-Order Item **

iBuddies will contact you once we received your order. Please allow 2-3 working days to fully process your order and choose your delivery or Store Pick-up date accordingly, thank you.

    Delivery and Store-Pickup Information

    • Ready for Store-Pickup on the date of arrival after 3pm
    • Fastest delivery is the next day after the above arrival date

      ** This is only deposit **

      We will provide weight detail on how heavy your slab is upon receiving the good and will inform you of the balance that needs to be paid.

      * Please make sure you select the correct "Store-Pickup" or "Delivery" date at checkout *

      ** Important Note **

      • As these goods are shipped by airplane, due to various reasons, the goods may experience potential delays.
      • If goods are delayed, iBuddies will send out notifications to affected customers and rearrange Delivery Date or Self Pickup Dates



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