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Return & Refund

If the products are returnable, what should I do when the products I received are found damaged?

Please contact Customer Service Department to report the case after receipt of the goods and provide details of the damaged item in question within the following timeframe on the receiving date: 
1) For Frozen Chilled Foods:  Contact iBuddies  within4 hours after receipt.
2) Room temperature Dry Foods: Contact iBuddies within 24 hours of receipt. 
The procedure is as follows:
1. Customer must keep all packaging materials, including original packaging, iBuddies card boxes/crates, documents and related gifts.
2. Contact Customer Service via Whatsapp 9833 8559 or email customer.care@slibuddies.net.
3. Items deemed defective will be replaced. If we cannot provide the same type of product, we will arrange a refund for iBuck of the same value (its price is based on the price indicated on the invoice) to the user's iBuddies account.


Due to personal reasons, any damage caused (including upon receipt of goods not stored properly) cannot be returned. Please retain and return all packaging, including original packaging, iBuddies packaging, original labels, tags, certification documents, manufacturer's warranty, brochures, gifts and all accessories, etc., and ensure that all packages are returned in good condition. The label or tag on the product must be kept intact otherwise the product cannot be returned if the label is damaged or bent.

What products cannot be returned?

Due to individual merchants, all items that are clearly stated as "non-returnable" in the "Product Introduction" are non-refundable. Please note the individual merchants’ validity period for return. At the same time, if the goods have been opened, used or damaged due to personal reasons, iBuddies will not issue a refund.

How are refunds issued?

The amount you paid for your order will be returned to your iBuddies account as an iBuck for your next purchase. The iBuck used at the time of purchase will be refunded in full, but the voucher used will not be refunded. If the total amount of the order was less than $800, incurred shipping costs will not be refunded.

** Pre-Order Fresh Products **

As all fruits are pre-ordered, if the goods arrive in Hong Kong and the goods' quality are not as good as expected, a cash refund policy may be adopted. We want to ensure that you can taste the highest-quality ingredients, so we seek for your kind understanding.

Please note only one refund per order will be entertained.

iBuddies reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions and of the final decision on all matters of disputes. 



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