Please check immediately after receiving the goods to see if the goods are complete. If you find any product missing/quality problems, please keep the goods and take pictures. You can immediately call our company 3155 7888, or via Whatsapp 9833 8559 or email: Contact our customer service. Our company will make the best handling and arrangement for you as soon as possible.

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We urge you to pay attention to the following items when receiving goods:


Meat Products:

Please enjoy before the expiration date and/or best before the date.

When storing, do not put anything on the meat or store it, otherwise, it will make the meat appear accelerating oxidation and change colour.

In addition, due to factors such as humidity and temperature, the meat will slowly recover it's fresh color as oxygen rejuvenates the meat.

The fat distribution and proportion of meat products are all factors that cannot be controlled. The company will only use the weight of the meat as the standard for selling meat.

Raw oysters and shellfish:

iBuddies advises guests to eat immediately on the day of receipt. If not eaten immediately, store oysters and shellfish in fresh-keeping cabinets (3°C - 5°C) and cover them with wet towels.


If oysters and shellfish are found open, lightly tap oysters and shellfish, or immerse oysters and shellfish in ice water for a few minutes, and they will close as usual.

If you find that oysters and shellfish continue to open, please contact our customer service. Our company will make the best arrangements for you as soon as possible.

All oysters and shellfish can be soaked in ice water before eating 5-10 points to clean the oysters and shellfish on the surface of the microorganisms if found in parasitic worms and shellfish on the parasite, this is a normal phenomenon, only need to wash to eat.

The company will not attach any opening tools, seasonings and opening services. (Customers can order if necessary)


If it is eaten on the spot: After receiving the goods, please store the fresh sashimi in a refrigerator fresh-keeping compartment (3°C - 5°C) until it is consumed.

If it is not edible on the spot: After receiving the goods, please store the frozen sashimi in an ice tray (below 0 °C) in the freezer until it is taken out and stored in the refrigerator. (Refrigeration method can refer to the company's recipes)

If sashimi is found to have bleeding water, simply drain the blood, which is normal and can be eaten with confidence.

For any sashimi food, prepare ice cubes (clean dishes covered with ice cubes, then seal with plastic wrap) before eating, and place the sashimi food on the ice dish.

The company will not attach any sashimi seasonings such as sauce and wasabi. (Customers can order if necessary)